REPORT:Bill Callahan Trains Offensive Linemen With A Special Technique

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Bill Callahan Trains Offensive Linemen With A Special Technique
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11 May 2024
Written by Justin Hussong (@huss91_) Comment
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On October 31, 2021, in Cleveland, Ohio, Bill Callahan, the offensive line coach for the Cleveland Browns, watches as his team warms up before playing the Pittsburgh Steelers at FirstEnergy Stadium.
Images courtesy of Nick Cammett/Getty Images

One of the NFL’s most successful coaches, Bill Callahan has made a name for himself as an offensive line genius.

In order to work with his son Brian, the new head coach in Tennessee, Callahan joined the team this offseason as the offensive line coach. It appears that he carried one of his inventions with him to Nashville.

The No. 7 overall pick, JC Latham, was shown hitting Bertha, a 380-pound blocking sled that moves only when struck at a precise angle. Bertha is supposedly Callahan’s friend. The footage was taken during the Titans rookie minicamp.

Bertha is significantly lower to the ground than a normal blocking sled, and Latham was observed experimenting with it before determining the right angle and pushing it back.

Latham, a surprise pick at No. 7 overall who was apparently Callahan’s favorite player throughout the draft, is expected to live up to the high expectations of his supporters.

Standing 6 feet 6 inches and 342 pounds, Latham will have to be the team’s savior at left tackle, a position that has been open since Taylor Lewan left the team a few years ago.

After failing to address the position in free agency, Tennessee had perhaps the worst left tackle situation in the league last season. It was inevitable that the Titans would select an LT at the top of the draft board.


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