REPORT:Chris Sale of the Braves sends a direct message after blanking the Red Sox.

Starting pitcher Chris Sale of the Atlanta Braves had a thrilling Wednesday night as not only did he get to face his old team, the Boston Red Sox, but he also pitched brilliantly, helping the home team win 5-0 in Truist Park without giving up a run. After the game, Sale talked about the performance and what it felt like to defeat the team he had spent six seasons on while wearing a Braves uniform.

The 35-year-old pitcher was brilliant throughout the six-inning outing; he gave up six hits, walked one, and struck out ten Red Sox batters while giving up no earned runs. He told the reporters after the game that he had to get through the “first few innings” since they were in “deep counts,” but NESN reports that he truly got his footing after that.

As it was shown on NESN’s postgame coverage, Sale told reporters, “The first few innings was getting into some deep counts.” “The pitch count increased quite a bit. After the first inning, you let out a sigh of relief. Before you know it, four runs are on the board. That is also really helpful.

Chris Sale, the starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, (51) tosses against the Boston Red Sox in the second inning at Truist Park. Sale thinks on his time with Boston and earning a title.
The USA TODAY Sports’ Brett Davis
Sale still feels gratitude for the Red Sox organization despite the fact that, in the end, it’s just a game. Despite his share of injury spells, he had many successful seasons. Though the Florida native looks back on it with fondness, Sale’s contribution to Boston’s 2018 World Series victory was the finest achievement of them all.

Sale remarked, “We won a championship together.” “I saw Rafael Devers emerge as a $300 million star and make his major league debut.” Kutter Crawford was the show I was watching at Florida Gulf Coast University. To me, that person is like a little brother. We spent the whole offseason together, including Nick Pivetta, who was a resident of southwest Florida. The list is endless. I could spend the next three hours discussing (Alex Cora) here. It’s not the same.

Even though there were many wonderful moments, Sale would ultimately be moved to the Braves in December 2023 by the Red Sox in exchange for Vaughn Grissom and monetary considerations. This gave Sale more motivation to prove that he “got after it” in spite of everyone’s criticism over his failure to maintain his health, according to ESPN.

Sale declared, “I entered the offseason on a mission.” “I knew I had to do it this year, so I got after it.”

Manager of the Red Sox tracks Sale even when he plays the Braves.
He is accomplishing his goals thus far in the season, as seen by his 5-1 record, 2.95 ERA, 52 strikeouts, and 0.98 WHIP. Sale wants to improve an already excellent Atlanta squad because they want to win a championship. However, with Spencer Strider out with an injury, they will need the pitcher more than anything.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora, with whom Sale collaborated closely, has been one of the people who has been following Sale’s brief stay with the Braves. According to, he even acknowledged before the two teams played that he did “wish he was still with us and helping these kids to become big league players.”

“I’m doing the following. Cora remarked, “I knew he was pitching that day a long ago. It will be fantastic. We still have tasks to complete. Uncomfortable? Naturally. I wish he was still here to support these kids in their quest to play in the major leagues and to never stop improving. But realizing how it works: they have a good one, and we have a good one (Grissom). quite pleased with him.

Cora responds to Sale’s detractors with an NSFW statement.
Cora would go into great detail about Sale’s detractors, counter the remarks about his past injuries, and offer an NSFW remark in response. He went on to discuss how, in August 2022, while recuperating from another injury, “he broke his wrist riding his bicycle home after throwing at Boston College.”

“That guy is unique,” Cora remarked. “I understand that jokes are made about him, his injuries, the bike, and other things, but I think that’s f****** bullshit because this guy did everything in his power to be on the field.”

Cora can’t wait for the next Red Sox game against the Braves, especially when Sale plays at Fenway Park and he gets to “get the ovation he deserves.” Based on the captain’s comments, it seems clear that Sale will have the opportunity to coach in Boston in the future should he choose to pursue one.

Cora remarked, “I can’t wait for him to return to Fenway and receive the standing ovation he deserves.” “Because, of all the guys here who have been involved in this since 2018, he endured the highs and lows and learned to roll with the punches.” However, as I’ve already stated, no one can take away ’18’s ring.

Sale remains in contact with the Red Sox initiative
Sale is giving the Braves some outstanding innings as they try to win the World Series, but Cora stated that he has “been in touch” and is even “helping our guys” because he continues to speak with Red Sox players like Tanner Houck and Kutter Crawford. Speaking about Sale’s work ethic and the wonderful times the two shared, Cora expresses his appreciation that players who are no longer with the team are still participating in some way.

“I’m really happy for him,” Cora exclaimed. He’s communicated with. He has also been assisting our guys. He converses with Tanner (Houck) and Kutter (Crawford). Like everyone else, he is in sync. The fact that these guys continue to be a part of the company even if they are far away is what makes me more proud of my work. They observe and are aware of what is happening. And that’s really awesome.

Cora remarked, “I know how much work he had to put in to be out there every five days.” He made it a point to demonstrate to everybody last year what it takes to be a big league player. That trip was in Kansas City. I think he was throwing around 85 or 86. He completed five innings.

He walked two guys in the game I ended with two outs and the bases loaded, or whatever, and he said, “One more hitter?” “Well, throw (expletive) strikes,” I reply. That was 94, 95, and 96. “You should have come out earlier,” he said. Still, he has concern for the guys.

The program was important to him. He still does. He was great from the first day, that excursion in Tampa, to the final one in Baltimore last year. He is very remarkable.

Sale is searching for more gold with the Braves, but Cora and Sale will cherish the 2018 championship and even the past seasons spent with the Red Sox. Atlanta’s record this season is 22–12, which is second only to the Philadelphia Phillies (26–12). They will take on the New York Mets in a three-game series beginning on Friday night.


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